Season Of Fruitfulness?

by | Sep 29, 2021 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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I thought I would stick my head in and say “hiya” because I have neglected this Blog for some time. I was worried it would show that I have been neglecting my practice. But, who would it worry? Me, or you?

It is quite a pertinent question. I am aware I mainly blog here (and the main reason for carrying on with this site)  to spur me on to keep creating art. I am creating art in order to tell people I create Art.

But in that very answer I am no longer creating art for Art’s sake – I am creating art to show people what I have been doing. The very reason for creating art changes in the summary – it is the gloss that obscures the paint.

So, arguing myself in to this knot is not conducive to 2am on a Wednesday. But, I will put the above argument to bed by saying that I still try and create for the sake of creating – to leave a footprint in the sand – but I was growing wary of the applied gloss.

I have been working – but not documenting my work. I have been busy with camera and instrument, microphone and computer. But, it has all gone unheeded.

What do I make to that? Well it is quite liberating yet at the same time it has made what I produce even more temporal and throw away. Flarf for one?

As a conclusion to this blog post I will try and set myself a target of blogging once a month. This will force me to create for the sake of Blogging. Yes, but it also forces me to create full stop, which has been slow. So, change of emphasis; I now vainly create art to tell people about the very act in a nutshell, but what will I create? This public blog has shifted emphasis and I am unhappy….

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