The Gaffa Tapes 2.0

by | Aug 23, 2020 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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I thought I would work on a three-deck DJ Mix over the weekend. My good friends were busy and Kathryn left me to my own devices. I was happy doing this. I made an hour long DJ Mix of ambient and atmospheric music. Some of it vocal.

The mix was made in TRAKTOR (I know!) and then was bounced down between computers. I figure I did not want to go up to to Creao Studio to use my good equipment, preferring to use what I had at hand. Here is the mix.


Richard Burton / Before I Knocked
Georgina Brett / Again st
Hep!Collective / A Side – No plumage-Make it rain Ray Lew, make it rain
Rutger Zuydervelt with Ilia Belorukov and René Aquarius / The Red Soul
Hawthonn / In Mighty Revelation
Park Jiha / Throughout The Night
Yumah / Skyline
Brian Harnetty / Boy
Whitby, North Yorkshire, 1958 / Evening In Harbour
Alexandra Spence / Waking She Heard The Fluttering
John Betjeman / Wantage Bells

If you dig the mix I would love some feedback from you – just drop a message by email or on Facebook. This is a good Ambient DJ Mix; one I stand by. Thanks for listening.

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