I went on holiday at the height of Summer 2015 – just down the road. Everyone who lives in North Yorkshire has spent a weekend on the coast in either Scarborough or Whitby. I went with my Mum & Dad whilst my wife, Kathryn, was volunteering at Glastonbury (who received the better deal?).


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These recordings have been sat on my hard drive for well over a year now – time I did something about that. I am releasing this mini-EP for free.

I do not want to charge for this album. The reasons for this are manifold – but, not because it is crap. I was trying out a lot of new gear with this recording so really just finding my feet. I would quite like it if people just shared this album with their friends – or put it on to help fall asleep.

The last track – a 24-minute monster – is recorded in a cottage garden: birds, bees & wheely bins.

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