I visited Thought Bubble 2019 – Thought Bubble is the Yorkshire Comics Convention. I admit this was my first comics convention (ever), and I was unsure what to expect. But is was a load of Funs. All the Funs. As in, I haven’t had this many Funs for ages.

Above, you will see the smaller of the halls – the event was amazing in all fairness – I have been warned by people who do not know much that comics are all about super-heroes. Thankfully, there was not many Hollywood led comics there – yes, there was the odd 2000AD Comic reference, but it was all tastefully done. I was there for the independent zines and underground press with this lady…

Kathryn seemed to enjoy herself immensely. The highlight of Kathryn’s day was meeting Kim-Joy the baker and getting a book signed by her. See the photo below.

Kim-Joy took it all in her stride, as did Kathryn. It was great for Kathryn to meet his hero and I took a heap of photos but not all of them worked out.

And we got royally drunk afterwards.

As Scooby said – some days “Life tastes sweet” and it did today. We were celebrating art and artists. We gave our money direct to the artists who made the works we liked. I bought too many comics. Between the four of us we spent just over £300. But is was all good stuff.

Has Thought Bubble fitted in to Harrogate? I am unsure. But we welcomed them with open arms. What I will say is that Harrogate Council bent over backwards to accommodate Thought Bubble. We are, after all, a conference town. Did we live up to expectations for the artists? I am unsure? But I had heard of some stalls making back their fee within three hours of opening. Did we live up to expectations for the organisers? I am unsure. Did Thought Bubble live up to expectations for the locals? If I am a local -then- damn, yes! It was amazing and I hope they come here again. All the Funs were had.

As a parting shot – I will share a photo taken by our friend, Karen, of Kim-Joy meeting Kathryn…

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