It was Elizabeth II’s Platty Joobs this weekend. I am writing this post on the Sunday after a heavy night last night. In this post I hope to write a bit about the Platinum Jubilee and what it means to me, a subject of Queen Elizabeth II.

But, first, what did I get up to?

Thursday was spent sleeping – pretty much flat out all day; I met up with Scooby to record Dancing ‘Round Yer Stereo and also Roots Conversation.

Friday was spent asleep again after we had sunk a few DDH IPAs the night before.

It was a bit of a challenge to drink the beer, to be honest. Personally, I think the beer boom is over and people are over complicating the brews. They are trying to cram in as much hops as possible and it is stopping development of a balanced beer.

I am all for creativity. But, there should be a place for the humble 3.*% Pale.

I was a bit worried about my sleep pattern having fallen asleep around 9am Saturday morning – I was playing Major Tom’s Social Saturday (last night) Night. I managed to get some sleep and woke up fresh faced for 6pm.

Here is me (L) and Scooby (R) – Photo courtesy of Karen Thornton

Sam booked us to play Tom’s – he is a credit to the venue. Sorely under-appreciated, though. Me and Scooby think he is a hero – rightly so, such a hard worker!

The gig went well. I thought about recording it but had to go off piste because I started playing Indie for the crowd. It was good fun, a bit quiet and a bit meh – people had all been out out on Thursday and Friday, they were getting ready for street parties last night.

But, it was a good way to mark a point in the Nation’s History on a socially local level. It was good to spend time with loved friends. I doubt the Queen would approve of our shenanigans, even though she is the cultural stamp of approval on the Nation’s output. Maybe Charles is more of a reggae man?

I used to be a republican, but then Brexit happened – keep on keeping on Your Majesty; we had better not get rid of you just yet.

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