This is a field blog – written when I should be sleeping. My cluster of B*s are knee deep in Appleby, Westmorland to celebrate Mum’s 70th.

It has been a right laugh so far – good memories are being formed and catch ups are being nigh on relished. It is great to see mum, dad and my siblings and their families.

But, I have imported a Harrogate sleep cycle to this jaunt 🙁

It is approaching half past three in the morning and it the fourth time I have woken up this morning – I mean, I am knackered, just can’t sleep through. Richard W. (a nurse I see regularly) reckons it could be Long Covid.

This is quite a substantial diagnosis.

It means I could be without good sleep for 14-16 months yet. If sleep ever comes back. Pity, I used to get so much from sleep. At least it isn’t a respiratory malady.

I will keep you posted, without whining…. either way, happy birthday, Mum!

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