I wrote a field-blog, shooting from the hip and on the road blog to wish you and yours the best for Xmas ‘22. See, Kathryn and me went to my folks for Christmas ’22; Alison was there with Betsy, and Michael & Hannah stopped for Christmas lunch and stayed the night, with family in tow. But, that field blog did not get published. Instead, I am writing on Boxing Day with an actual bit of news.

I was part excited about Christmas, part dreading Christmas; the potent blend of a four-year-old, a six-year-old and a puppy with a loud bark means I did not get much peace. But, peace and quiet are not what you get with a family Christmas when there are under-ten-year-olds. I can have my peace and quiet when I am in my dotage.

However, I hope you make a silk purse out of a sows ear with how you spent your day; it can be a challenge for some – it boils down to not being a nob.

My Christmas was spent mainly asleep – it turns out that I have a festive dose of Shingles. This is a bit uncomfortable and pretty minging; blisters appearing on my limbs and stiff, unco-operative joints means that the added confusion makes for a bleary eyed bear of a man.

A quick hike to the Hospital Out of Hours GP and Medication was prescribed to stop the pox.

There is a party on Wednesday that I hope to attend, the Christmas drinks do for the radio station that I am part of – I will be winging it solo this year, boo.

But, either way, as I write this on Boxing Day ’22 I wish you and yours the very best for the season. I hope that 2023 is all you hope for and that you get that pay-rise.

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