Stewart, aka DJ Scooby, has managed to record 100 episodes of Sound Of Wonder. No small feat. Stewart picks the music and sorts the links and I am the person in charge of recording the thing. It proves quite a laugh and I am happy doing it as long as Scoob doesn’t fart in the studio with some serious bad-time egginess.

What is the secret? Well the show itself is still a bit of a secret.

Yes, there is a station in America who broadcasts the later episodes. But the success we are toasting tonight is mainly down to the internet station Easy Street who took the show up, without hesitation.

The show has a modest following on Mixcloud — but do not let that put you off from listening. Abive you will be able to hear the 100th edition of Sound Of Wonder.

There was a group of us met up in Tom’s for a celebratory drink to mark the occasion. Here is proof — All the funs were had …

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