Summing up on a Monday evening — it was quite a great w/e. The first big weekend of the summer 2019. All the good things happened and then Monday spat in its face. So, I am taking time out of my Monday to remind me of the good things that happened on the weekend.

Friday was a bit of a rush — I had to hot-foot it down to Bilton WMC for a good friend’s Birthday party. She was probably the fist person I had a conversation with when I first came to Harrogate and she is a bit of a treasure. I am now good friends with her partner, Allan & he had asked me to play a DJ set before the band came on. No problem. So, I thought. I came with 45 minutes worth of music because that is the length of time I had been asked to play.

The DJ scheduled for the slot after me must have had to rush off due to a family emergency or something — he disappeared. I just hope that everything is okay with him and his family. However, it did kind of drop me in it. I had a few dub albums on the system I had with me (Traktor) — but I was having to repeat tracks. Still, people seemed to enjoy what I was playing and there was a bit of dancing. My forty five minute set was stretched to two and a half hours — but, I loved every minute of it.

Then the band came on. Drop Leg Steppers. They were awesome. They really were good and everyone enjoyed their set.

I hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself — I know me and Kathryn did.

Saturday saw me not wanting to get up — but — I had to, I was a man with something to do and that something to do was to run a workshop as Stinky. I have a Risograph printer in Allan’s studio — I call the venture Stinky’s Riso Press. I make prints for artists and I run workshops — it is a really fun thing to do.

I ran a workshop on Saturday with a man called Stuart — he took to it like a duck to water and made two incredible prints — here are the photos from it. Here are some highlights of the day

Sunday. Me and Kathryn were picked up by Dad to head out to the farm. We used this as a launchpad to go and visit their new house. My parents are moving house further North. It will be a fresh start for them as it is the first time they have bought a house for themselves — they are quite excited yet I think they are a bit nervous too.

I had my camera with me at their new house but the CF Card broke on Sunday night, making the photos irretrievable, or so I thought. I was quite annoyed with that as there were some good shot of the house. However, thanks to the lads at Bass & Bligh I managed to retrieve the photos from the CF Card.

When we got back to the farm it really was a glorious evening — I managed to get a few phone photos. I put my phone photos on — not the worlds best website, but a website I am running from my phone. Not the biggest of weekends — but then, not the youngest of knees. I figure my nights spent drinking cheap cider and then waking up in a skip are long gone. However, Kathryn and me were surrounded by loved ones. We had a good time. A great time. Summer 2019 is shaping up rosey.

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