Kathryn and I spent out yule at my parents – we take it year about with each others parents. It was great to get away from the drunks and traffic noise of Harrogate and back to the silence of Home Farm. As soon as we rocked up on Christmas Eve we were greeted warmly by Sir Paddington Poo-Face III (Paddy to his mates) and it set in motion a blinder of a Christmas.

My sister, Alison, made the journey over from Manchester and we caught up on all manner of things – she was looking amazing after loosing 3 stone – however, the diet went on hold for the next few days due to the binge eating at Family HQ.

Michael, my younger brother, called in for the meal (along with his future wife, Hannah) on Chrimbo Eve before driving all the way up to the North East for Christmas day – however, things did not go to plan. They all went to Mid-Night Mass and I got tanked on IPA. It was only after my sixth can that I realised I did not have the correct medication with me. Hats off to my brother – he saved Christmas for me. He drove me all the way back to Harrogate to pick up my correct medication before setting off to the North East. Had he not done this I would not have slept for days. He got to his future In-Laws around 4am whilst I was flat out pumping out the Z’s. Thank you Michael.

Christmas Morning I was awoken by a recording of the band SLADE – MERRY CHRISTMAS. We all donned our festive jumpers and set about the day. Alison, commendably, restrained her inner 5 year old and held of ripping all the presents open until 11am.

Michael was dealt another blow to a relaxing Christmas as Hannah had forgotten to bring his stocking!

The food was fantastic – no, really fantastic.

The rest of the time was spend catching up with loved ones until we had to leave on Friday. I was asked to VJ (Video Jockey) a FIRE Party in Zoso. Upon getting back to town I found out that a very close mate was going through a hellish time and I was asked to fill in a DJ slot at the FIRE Party.

My set was 9pm – 10pm. Essentially I was Djing to an empty room – there was only Matt and the bar keep, Adam. However, once I stepped down, there seemed what was like a bus load of people came through the door and it was the busiest I have ever seen the Club – it was rammed wall to wall. Matt was there with his camera and documented it fantastically – please click here – a fun time was had by all.

I did not roll in from the FIRE Party until 4am (leaving the rest of the DJs to drink until dawn this morning) but I still have a very rough head on today. Hopefully some of the punters from last night will keep coming to VIBE (our regular Friday Night) and supporting us.

All in all, it has been a very lovely Christmas for me and Kathryn. Full of light and love.

Seasons Greetings x

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