I move house in a weeks time. Well not really a house and not too far a move. Me and Kathryn will be renting a new flat on Mowbray Square. Mowbray Sq. is between Dragon Parade, where I am now, and Creao Studio, where I record my radio shows.

We have the chance of living in a new build; no more damp, leaking facilities or mould. No more bad times – yes, I am pinning a lot on this move. As is Kathryn.

Our new build will be on the second floor so there will be no footsteps on the ceiling. We will be the first occupants; it was an old office of a knitwear company but the office was purchased for £1.2m and converted in to apartments. That is one difference; they are apartments, not flats.

Another difference will be that there is a lift for the residence to use to get to their flats; a working lift. The flats are done out to a high level and we will have our own parking, if we wanted it. The parking will go to out of town visitors paying a visit to us.

Speaking of which – me and Kathryn are in talks about having Mums barring lifted from visiting our property. Hopefully she will not be rude this time?

I have some small reservations about leaving the current flat, on Dragon Parade; it was the flat me and Kathryn moved in to before we got married. It has seen our lives for good and bad, through the good and the bad and out the other end, whilst we lived here. We have made some good friends whilst living here, Scooby + Allan, and there is a slight whiff of nostalgia as I pack things I forgot I had.

However, this is far outweighed by the sheer excitement, and certain trepidation, of moving to a new place. I hope to do a fair bit of “Hi Diddly-Ho’ing” my neighbourinos in the new place, Mowbray Square, but we will keep ourselves to ourselves and pay the rent on time; yes, we are still renting….

What forced the move? The quality of the flat we live in now has fallen below the level of acceptability. The Landlord wanted us out so she has not been fixing our issues. The ceiling fell in and caused me concussion, we have had a leaking toilet for two years and the plaster is falling off the walls. The paint is grotty, there is mould and damp and it is an unhealthy place to live.

The 2m Sq. Hole In Our Ceiling, At An Angle.

Our current landlord made it clear she was not in the trade for the benefit of the residence, only caring about returns. It is a bit sickening. But; capitalism. As Adam Smith said “As long as Capitalism is tempered with faith then it will be a force for good.” This is not the case here.

So, I have drawn up an action plan in Notion for me and Kathryn. Scooby, Karen and Allan came over at ten this morning to help with a skip run. There is a fair amount that went to the studio – Allan seems happy. Scooby was happy to come and break stuff.

Karen was awesome; she helped a lot. Kathryn was busy marshalling the troops and I was trying not to let my feet explode.

As mentioned in a previous Heath Blog Post about swollen feet, I have been in and out of the doctors to try and find out what is causing my Fat Ankles. They think it could be something to do with something, but I am unsure what that something is.

Anyway. Better dash – Airwolf will be on the telly soon…

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