As this is the first blog post of 2016 I thought I would recap and recalculate the dots and dashes of 2015. A lot of my friends had a terrible year – with the loss of loved ones, losing jobs and relationship break-ups. However, 2015 was a bit of a vintage year for me.

I piloted Harrogate Alternative Radio through troubled seas and made a group of friends in the process. I gained secure employment and found out that I will very soon be an uncle (Brother’s baby is due this month). I built things, I broke things, I loved things and I loathed things – all in all, 2015 was full of life!

It was an eventful year for all those that I know – for good or bad.

I saw the New Year in with Kathryn just by staying in our flat and dancing to the radio. I know it doesn’t sound much fun – but when you find someone you can dance to the radio with then you really want to hold on to that person. Thank you Kathryn for being with me throughout the year and keeping me keeping on.

That about sums it up – a cup of tea is brewing / stewing that I need to rescue.

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