So then, the love of my life, Kathryn B* had a birthday today — she has given permission for me to print her age on this blog. She is no longer twenty one years old but has reached the fine age of thirty three — we call this a “vinyl birthday” in our house (33 // 45 // 78). She has grown in beauty and grace everyday since I met her drunkenly in a nightclub when she was 21.

The road of matrimony has not been smooth due to me and my health but Kathryn has always been there to level out my Yin with her Yang. She is the best thing to ever happen to me.

So, what happened on her birthday? I admit I missed out on the first part (the AM of the day) due to a late night at CREAO Studio with Stewart and Allan recording the Sound of Wonder Show.

However, as soon as I woke I was dispensing gifts.

For Kathryn’s birthday I bought her a print by locally acclaimed artist Robby Burns and some vinyl — well, it is a vinyl birthday (33rpm) so I bought her the vinyl she would like. I got her two records by Blood Youth — a local group who Kathryn has been following for a year or so. I admit we are yet to stick it on, but it bodes well and their sticker is on our fridge now.

I went for a power snooze around two and woke up at five — this was quite disconcerting as I thought I had broken the bad cycle of day time sleeping. Still — it rejuvenated me for the on-coming evening. We had a table booked at the local Cau Restaurant and the meal there was fantastic!

I am always worried that this will turn in to a “what I had for tea” blog — but seriously, I cannot praise the food and the friendly staff at Cau higher — they really looked after us and the food was tip top. Whilst at Cau, we experimented — we figured we had never taken a selfie in our eleven year’s worth of relationship. So, I plucked up the courage and asked Kathryn if I could take a selfie.

We hot footed it down to Major Tom’s Social Club to see about getting a few beers down us. Simon G. was there and he was a the life and soul of the get together — me, Kathryn and Simon chewed the fat and had a great time. The highlight of my beer tasting was buying a can of Verdant’s “Chasing Kevin” — a delicious Cornish Pale Ale brewed using five Malts.

I gave the barkeeps’, Sam & Joe, a taste and went home carrying a cactus with a sense that all is well with the world. Yes, there were drunken farmers arguing with Take-Away shops. But, there was also us, a couple walking home, who were so desperately in love that the roots of the initial blossom of their relationship have intertwined so much that me and Kathryn are inseparable for a lifetime and beyond.

I love you Kathryn. Happy Birthday. x

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