Some people are taking the Coronavirus Pandemic seriously – that is a good thing. They are trying to stop the surge in cases. Some people are just being d*cks and buying all of the loo roll.

There are bare shelves in ASDA in Harrogate – first, it was the loo roll then it was the dried pasta. I reckon there is a direct correlation between the people who panic buying and those who own “Keep Calm & Carry On” merchandise.

We will see what comes of it though.

I am not hopeful for the event I am playing tomorrow – I am in Major Tom’s on The Ginnel for Pub Dub. I expect there to be next to no-one turn up.

I have all of my music lined up. As in, a lot of work has gone in to it, but I just think people are not venturing out of their safe place. I am unsure what Health England advise; I am however erring on the side of caution…

I am washing my hands more and this seems to keep me bug free.

Covid-19 (or Coronavirus) started in China. It was caused by people eating Bats (they think) and this has led to a lot of racist abuse to East Asians. Chinese Takeaways are really suffering, general high-street shops are suffering, general restaurants are suffering, gigging musicians are suffering – not so much from the bug itself just the panic has caused people to shut themselves in doors and not go out.

The result is that everyone has less money to spend. The City reported the worst day trading since 1987 – there is a real economic slump.

I had a bit of a cold – checked with a Doctor, it is not Coronavirus. I was just being a snowflake. But, I did well in that I erred on the side of caution. But, as a result, I missed the recording of this week’s Roots Conversation – it was just Allan & Scooby doing it. Here it is…

In many ways, I felt like a young parent. Sending their twins off on their first day of school; with a packed lunch and a spare set of trousers. But, they coped well.

Another project I was involved in was Vox Pod. Jack Sinclair came to Creao Studio and put his microphone in front of the faces of Scooby, Allan & myself.

The remit of Vox Pod is that questions are submitted for Jack to ask people he meets in Town. The weather/Pandemic has been a bit of an issue to approaching people in the streets recently. So, Jack came and visited us. He asked us…

  • What was your favourite Movie as a kid and what is it now?
  • If you were to try something that you have not done before what would it be?
  • If you can live a few days as someone else, who would that be?

I think I did okay – but I will let you be the judge…

It was a lot of fun – we spoke far too much. Edited superbly by Jack, he managed to polish a turd. We each spoke for around 20-40 minutes and it was only a half an hour show. We are all super pleased with how it has turned out. Good work Jack.

So, these are my notes from the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Was this panic justified? I hate to say so, but it will be history that is the judge of us. Will the people who bought crates of loo roll be proved right? I doubt it. Will we have more respect for each other as a result of Corvid-19? It hasn’t. Bulk buying has shown the ugly underbelly of society – people are out for themselves and they are not community minded. It is a sad state of affairs… I was talking with a fine-art photographer about when the nation became s*te. Brexit was the tipping point, is this pandemic revealing how far society has fallen? As in, everyone is just out for themselves – there is no community minded, leaderless motion. We are a nation who elected a right-wing government to protect us from imaginary dangers. So, when a real danger comes along then our government will be useless.

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