So, 2017 — was it a good year for me?

I had a lot of bad things happen to me that were out of my control in 2017. A few examples of this were Brexit, Grannie passing away and my Dad’s dog passing on. However, these things are out of my control — they were ordained by higher powers (whatever they are) and I had little to do with their matters. I can but bear witness to them happening and work with those I know towards achieving a legacy.

For the things that were in my control — I had a great year; Guerrilla Dub System had four top ten hits and my web design business went from strength to strength. I qualify as an Audio Mastering Engineer soon (as soon as I bang the homework in) and I saw my Niece blossom into a little lady. I grew closer to my Mum & Dad. Indeed, I told my Dad I loved him — there was an awkward 11.5-minute silence and then he asked if I had taken my medication. Mum just called me soft.

My radio show started to get taken seriously — if you want to see that check out go to

I made some great friends and cemented some friendships that are Samson Strong. Kathryn, as ever, has been amazing to me and lets me do as I wish within reason — she really is amazing, awesome lady.

For NYE, I strolled, barged-booted and Ox-broad, to Harlow Hill Club for New Year’s Eve celebrations. The reason was Metal Sans Frontieres. Not what you would call my cup of tea — a hair metal night has never really appealed to me. However, there was a noise and humanity to the night that would not be rivalled through town. We were amongst people we love and respect — we were free to be who we are and come what may.

However, I sat like a grumpy arse through most of the night only loosening up towards the end — the quiz was a right laugh although it did not go to plan. The host, Stuart, had his family with him and they were a credit to him; good lads the both of them Stuarts boys.

We went to an after party and Kathryn and I shared a beer before heading home. Good shindig. Called Watty-P (based in Dubai) a rude word and I hope he doesn’t get deported — still it is all on me and my fault. He sent a link to me on Whatsapp about people getting deported for swearing when they are in Dubai — most of Eirene’s friends (Watty-P’s better half) want them to get deported so that they come home.

My New Years resolution is to swear less and be less of a nob. I will start a tag that I’ll keep people updated on the progress of the swearing — here it is. I can’t make promises on the updates for being less nob-like though. I am worried this could turn me in to another prude or a naysayer. Hopefully, it will make me into a better person?

If I could do one thing in 2018 a bit better (other than less swearing // Nob-like behaviour) is to be a bit more of a better listener. I find that when people tell me things I am keen to jump in and give my two-pence worth before they finish their schpeal. If I left it to the ultimate (them finishing their talking) then they will probably be able to give themselves the answers that they need. Funny how it works out. I suppose it goes back to bearing witness — my interpretation — where you stand for what you believe, but point the way as opposed to telling them what to do. However, I could have this wrong. Am I qualified to “point the way,” am I even qualified to listen to people talk to me?

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