Our trip to Manchester: Me and Mrs B* visited my sister, Alison. Alison lives in the Chorlton area of Manchester and it is the first time me and Kathryn went over to take in the sites. We have been to her house before over Xmas 2017 — but — this was the first time we went on a jolly without the Parentals.

We got there in good time on train and Alison met us at the station — we hot-footed it across town to Firswood on a Tram! Trams are ace!

Alison has become a weekday vegetarian for ethical and environmental reasons — more power to her for doing so, I reckon. But tea was ace — veggie cottage pie! I must get the recipe for when I am entertaining culinary perverts like vegetarians or vegans.

Saturday was a bit wobbly — my head was all over the place to start off with but then Alison came home after volunteering in town. We met at a bar called The Font. Being a designer I was drawn to this place but it had absolutely nothing to do with design. Tasty food and alright beer.

We caught the tram (Tram!) up to Media City and saw the sites — I was shooting on a LOMO LC-A Film Camera so it’ll be some time until I get the results developed.

We were exhausted by pacing around and headed home to a tea of Fajitas and then slumped in front of the TV.

Sunday — right laugh; went out to the City Gallery and saw this loads of Lowry paintings. There was a good blend of contemporary and classical art — the Pre-Raphaelites were good but the Lowry paintings stole the show — there was also a good study on ‘The Identity of An Artist’ — how identity is explored in Art and the works that it came up with.

Roast chicken at Alison’s and a visit to the pub followed. We went to The Chorlton Tap and Kathryn got me using UnTappd — the beer drinking Social Network. It is something I feel massively uncomfortable doing so I will probably just log the outstanding beers.

Quite drunk I came home and ate all the crisps. We watched The Shape Of Water. Early night other than that, to sleep off the beer and get prepared for …

… the breakfast of Champions. We visited an American style breakfast diner called Moose, on York Street. I ate three cheese-pancakes the size of my head with bacon, fried egg and maple syrup — It is now just gone 3pm and I am still very, very full.

More to come on the photos — I will comment in the footer as to when I get them developed. We got home around 1pm this afternoon after a well-spent w/e. Thanks to Alison for putting up with my snoring and we hope to see you again soon. I really enjoyed myself and so did Kathryn. Thanks Alison! Thanks Manchester!

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