Rest in peace, Dr Larkin – a man who’s skill as a consultant I witnessed when I came back from Borneo with Haemorrhaging kidneys and yellow skin, due to liver issues.

I had a bad time in Borneo and was flown back home as an emergency. When I was on the plane I started passing blood in my urine and thought it was part of the course. I arrived home in Yorkshire (at Home Farm) and by that time my urine was black.

I phone 999 and mum drove me to A&E and I was admitted for observation.

Chunks of kidney were flying out like kidney stones and I was told I was on the transplant list. Doctors were coming from Liverpool’s Tropical Medicine Unit to take specimens and I had my first brush with Dr Loizou, the psychiatrist.

I had to say good bye to my mates, Tom & Tom incase I did not make it. After a few days Mum was told she could no longer visit me and to expect the worst. I was getting weaker and weaker every day.

Dr Larkin

Throughout the three weeks I was there on Fountains Ward there was salvation in the form of a ruddy faced doctor called Dr Hugh Larkin. He saved my life.

I am unsure of what was done – I was being jabbed with needles had a drip in each arm and wired up to the machine that goes ping. But, he led the team who saved me in Fountains Ward. And, I will always be grateful. Some people will just argue he was doing his job. But, Medicine and care is a calling. A vocation. Dr Larkin exemplified that. Dr Larkin exemplified all that was good about the NHS. If you want to read a Newspaper obituary, head HERE.


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