I have the good fortune to be in the VIBE Collective. We hold a residency every second and last Saturday night of the calendar month at a local venue, RETRO Bar. I will embed our Facebook feed at the bottom of this post for you to get more information about what we get up to.

Last night, the 31st of October, was a VIBE event – it was a bit of a quiet one but a good time was had by all. The tag line for our events is ‘Serious About Dance Music?’ and we offer a night for those people who take their dance music seriously, an alternative to the more commercial offerings that the other venues in town put on. The collection of other DJs showcase some of the most technically accomplished talent our fair town has to offer …. and I open the night. The other DJs play a whole German IDM / Tech House / Balearic vibe. I opened last night with the dirtiest Funk set I have ever played – it was pure filth!

One of the other DJs, Ben, runs a tent at Alchemy Festival in Leicestershire – called Psychedelic Breakfast. He very kindly booked me to play next years (2016) festival. Yes, my first festival booking! Amazing! I really am over the moon on this one – but, we will see how it goes and I am not counting my chickens before the eggs hatch.

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