Kathryn and myself visited the Luminarium that was displayed as part of Harrogate International Festival. A Luminarium is a sculpture that you walk through to be moved to a sense of wonder by the colour and light. It was sort of somewhere between being in a womb or a cathedral. But fun.

The luminaria was designed by company founder Alan Parkinson. They are inspired by natural forms, geometric solids, Islamic and Gothic architecture. Each new creation is a maze of winding paths and inspiring domes where the visitors may lose themselves in sensory bliss.

There was ambient music playing and crowds were kept low. We only had to cue for 45 minutes to get in. Cues were up to 2hr long earlier in the day.

We went with Scooby & Karen. I told Scoob about it and they invited us to join them when we went along. It was then back to theirs. We had a few beers.

Kathryn has started to use the app Untappd — she documents everything she drinks. There is a link to the photos https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjAdZSq.

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