I Was Interviewed On The Radio

by | Jul 10, 2022 | 🎤 Interview Archive | 0 comments

I was interviewed on the radio this morning – well, it was a pre-record and I slept through the broadcast, even though it was at 11:30. It was the start of a new series of shows on HCR and I was the guinea pig.

 The questions were set by Jack Sinclair and Karen Thornton – both have a history of interviewing folk on the radio.

I was sent fifteen questions and it was up to me to record myself saying the question and then answering it – it was quite strange and intensely meta.

The questions ranged from the serious (what is your favourite location in Harrogate?) to the banal (what is inside your favourite sandwich?).

I think I did okay with it. This post is written with the breeze blowing through a wide-open window on a scorcher of a day. Wimbledon Men’s Final is playing out on the box in the front room. I am happy listening to The Jazz Show on Harrogate Community Radio…

Here is the show:

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