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by | Oct 29, 2022 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

I have started a fresh, new Instagram account. This new account is just for iPhoneography and images that have been edited on my iPhone. I am just giving it a trial, seeing how the land lies.

The new Instagram account links back to a page on this very website, where all of the images are embedded.

I did not want to blur the lines between collage instagram account and have a feed embedded on this site.

The simplest option was to just start a new account and see where it took me.

You can find my new account at @AndyIsAniPhoneographer on Instagram.

The Instagram feed is embedded on this page, on my website.

The photo results are varied at present but I hope to show my journey to becoming a better* photographer.

Hopefully you can join me for the ride?

I now have two Art Instagram accounts. @Backhouse_WTF is for collages and general promo and @AndyIsAnIphoneographer is for smart phone photography. Hope this is all okay with you – it could prove double the work rate for me but will hopefully provide twice the entertainment for you.

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