The Jazz Show Starts

by | May 10, 2020 | 📸 Artist's Blog | 0 comments

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The Jazz Show is broadcast on Harrogate Community Radio every second Sunday at 4pm. I am the host for the show – it is a good excuse to get very nerdy and geek out with my music collection.

In many ways, Jazz was the first music I came to as an adult – without the pressure of being told what to like and being told what was acceptable to like as an adolescent. I love it to this very day for that.

Yes, my music tastes have grown and now encompass more extreme forms of music. But, I will always have a soft-spot for a Jazz standard.

Journeying from Bebop to Spiritual through Cosmic to Free, and covering all in between; I will play the music you need to hear on a Sunday afternoon. Broadcasting every second Sunday of the month at 4pm. To keep up to date with progress on The Jazz Show, feel free to sign up to the Newsletter HERE.

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