So, a bit of cross pollination; I could have written this post on any number of website, but I am writing it here, on my personal blog.

I have a bit of news in that I have a new radio show, with Al Smyth, on Harrogate Community Radio.

Me and Al have got up to all sorts of sonic-mischief as Guerrilla Dub System, a reggae duo, but we are trying our hand at Electro and Bleep & Bass.

Do you want to hear a mix?

On the radio show, we will make a two-hour mix of similar music to the above. What is the worst that could go wrong?

We hope to introduce the mix and have a it of a chat at the halfway point, too.

The show is called TRANSMISSION and it will broadcast every fifth Saturday of the month at 10pm – we are kind of filling in a gap – but, I am just excited to be using my equipment, again.

I popped to Creao Studio last night and we made the first show, TRANSMISSION///001. Al is mastering the show over the coming week and we will record the vocals this Thursday.

But, listen to the mix, above – if it pickles your onions then check out our show page on Harrogate Community Radio’s website HERE.

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