I have been trying to get back in to photography.

I figure it is something that accumulates; as in, the more you do it the more used to it (and the better) you become. I have not been taking many photos for a number of years, maybe since Lock Down.

What may get me out of this rut is that I am doing a course in Lightroom, the photo editing app.

Lightroom is a good app that allows for deft image editing, photo polishing and image enhancement. I like it.

I was never really sure what the controls on Lightroom used to do; preferring presets, but this has changed.

I found the course on iPhone Photography School and it seems quite comprehensive. I managed to edit this….

It might not look all that but through the doorway was deep in shadow; it was so dark you could not make out the table.

So, really recommend Lightroom. Really recommend the Lightroom course on iPhone Photography School.

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