I Was Interviewed By: Creao Studio

by | Nov 2, 2019 | 🎤 Interview Archive | 0 comments

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I live near a recording studio that I rent out – the recording studio in question is called Creao Studio. It is nestled at the top of my road and I am good friends with the owner, Allan. 

As part of an ongoing series of Blog Articles, Creao Studio are interviewing people who use the studio – I was the first in what hopes to be a long line of interviews. I was verbally poked and prodded and the results have now been published.

Creao Studio

Creao Studio is a great venue and cheap as chips. In there I host art workshops as Stinky’s Riso Press, I have made some No1 charting music as Guerrilla Dub System, I have run a record label (Focused Silence) and I have a mastering studio called Sigil Of Brass. But, most of all, it is a place to go and have fun.

The interview went live on the first of November and it will be there for a while – the hope is to interview artist who use the studio. There are a good few souls who grace the studio. It is up to the studio to get their points of view across.

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